•  To encourage problem solving.
•  To stimulate imagination and creativity.
•  To emphasize process rather than      
     final product.
•  To introduce basic colors, shapes, letters, 
     numbers, science, and pre-math concepts.
•  To develop language and listening skills.
•  To encourage dramatic play.
•  To improve small and large motor skills.

Our Curriculum

we offer a flexible curriculum.  you can design your own program using our individual theme units. These can be supplemented with book companions, math & literacy, phonics, and science activities. 

Our curriculum uses the natural curiosity of children to teach math, science, literacy, and critical thinking skills.

Developmentally appropriate for children ages 3 to 5 years.

Cost is the same regardless of how many children you care for.


Program Objectives

  ​Teaching Resources for Preschool